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Free Mind Control Porn Games Is Rare And Awesome

There are some wild kinks out there which are forbidden from the general porn sites, but they usually have to do with scat and all kinds of other nasty fetishes. And then there’s the hypno fetish which is all about controlling the mind of someone so that you can turn them into your sex slave. Although the movies aren’t real, not too many porn tubes are willing to feature such kink on their websites, fearing that a consent issue might arise with the cancel culture. Although, I don’t see why since everything is a movie performance. Anyway, if you want something that feels more interactive and sometimes even feels more real than the hypno kinks you get into porn movies, then you should start browsing our collection of porn games already.

At Free Mind Control Porn Games we come with the best titles this niche has to offer. And you would be surprised how many games we did find on this kink. Just like you and us, so many other people have turned to other mediums when they wanted their hypno fantasies pleased. The erotica industry has a lot of content on this topic and it can also be found on manga sites. But nowhere it is more interactive and hardcore than in the porn games that we are bringing you. And we have lots of different types of games here, offering pleasure in certain ways. Let’s take a closer look at this collection and then we can talk more about all the other features of our site.

Free Mind Control Porn Games Has Quite A Lot Of Variety

You’ll be surprised how creative and naughty the game developers can get with this kink. It is a pretty versatile one and in this collection we have so many fantasies in which hypnosis was used on all kinds of babes to turn them into sluts. First of all, let’s talk about the hypno simulator games that we have. In these games you will be able to create an avatar and then hit the map looking for your next victims. Some babes will be easy to control. For others you will need to build up experience levels and learn new techniques. These games are basically hypno rapist tycoons in which your goal is to control the entire map.

Then we have the fantasy simulators in which everyday sex dreams are turned into reality with the help of this little hypno trick. So many of us have sat in class, looking at the big juicy tits of some teacher and daydreamed about hypnotizing her and fucking her over the front desk. Well, you can now do that in some of these games we offer. You can also hypnotize police officers, sexy bosses, and even moms and sisters in incest mind control games that are going to make you lust for sinful incest.

We also have BDSM hypno games in which you will control a squad of sex slaves who will do whatever you please. The games are quite complex and they offer a lot of liberty for the punishment and humiliation sessions through which you can put these slaves. These are just the tip of the iceberg. It’s no use to start describing all the games we have. You’ve made an idea about this collection, now start browsing and choose the game that’s going to make you cum tonight.

We Also Give You Access To Our Community

Because this is such a rare fetish, communities gathered around it are quite rare. That’s why we put in some extra work to ensure some community features that will surely help all of you enhance the porn experience on our site. We have comment sections for each game and we even come with a forum where you can discuss all kinds of fantasies with guys like you. And the best part about our community features is the fact that you’ll interact with other players while maintaining your anonymity. So, start playing, get social and enjoy your hypno fetish on the ultimate interactive mind control porn site that the internet has to offer.

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